Fraser Randall


Top Secret: From ciphers to cyber security Science Museum

​Location: London
Services: Project & Cost Management & Principal Designer Services
Value: £1 Million
Completion: 2019

Top Secret is a major new exhibition at the Science Museum exploring the history of communications intelligence, coinciding with the centenary year of GCHQ, the UK’s Intelligence, Security and Cyber agency. Through never before seen objects from their archives, the exhibition explores the human and technological stories at the heart of an organisation that until recently was shrouded in mystery. In the exhibition there are over 100 objects that open up the world of GCHQ, including cipher machines used during the Second World War, secure telephones used by the British Prime Ministers and HM The Queen’s encryption key.

Fraser Randall undertook the Project & Cost Management and Principal Designer services for this project which opened on 10th July 2019 and runs until 23rd February 2020.