Fraser Randall


Managing Projects

Fraser Randall has over 25 years experience working with major clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. Start-to-finish project management and delivery is the basis of our reputation and our core company skillset.

Managing Content

Creative content drives many of the spaces our clients ask us to manage and deliver. We’ve developed effective ways to structure content development throughout a project - from initial workshops and brainstorming to final delivery as graphics, media, interaction and environment.

Managing Design & Development

Design management shouldn’t influence design. Its purpose is to clarify and structure thework of others through well organised briefing, feedback and fully understood deliverables. At the same time, Fraser Randall’s team members have backgrounds in architecture, print, fine art and media, and so bring real design understanding to the management process.

Managing Procurement

We procure the world’s top practitioners to work with our clients. This can be done under the widest possible range of package works. All processes are undertaken in line with compliant OJEU and international procedures.

Managing Construction

Construction management is the ‘final mile’ that delivers a designed space to its audience. It’s here that our attention to detail and genuine understanding of your project’s purpose and aspiration deliver huge benefits.

Managing Cost

Fraser Randall undertakes detailed cost management for private clients and national organisations. We fully understand cost reporting and funding draw down protocols, particularly for publicly funded projects. Our in-depth knowledge of the design process helps us advise you on the best way for money to be spent and saved on your project.

Managing CDM 2015

To assist in complying with CDM 2015 regulations, Fraser Randall offer the service of Principal Designer. We have the in-house capability to oversee and implement these new protocols from project initiation through to final completion. With a specific focus on the pre-construction stage, Fraser Randall can take responsibility for compiling pre-construction information, preparation and submission of a final health and safety file, as well as liaison with other CDM duty holders and providing advice to clients on their obligations.