Fraser Randall

The London Museum Museum of London

​Location: London
Services: Exhibition Project Management
Value: Undisclosed
Due for Completion: 2026

We are delighted to share that Fraser Randall has secured the role of Exhibition Project Manager, to help deliver a new world-class Museum of London, to be renamed The London Museum, within a series of historic market buildings at West Smithfield.

John Brockwell, Managing Director, Fraser Randall says, “As one of the most significant cultural projects happening in London, if not anywhere in Europe, it is with immense pride that the Fraser Randall team has secured this crucial role. Having worked with the client previously, we know this project will be something culturally meaningful and we can’t wait to get started.”

The wider plans for The London Museum seek to preserve and restore the old Victorian market buildings in order to house a broader and more diverse range of exhibitions and activities, with the aim of attracting millions more visitors.

The relocation will start in December 2022, with plans for the new museum to open in 2026