Fraser Randall

Sound and Vision Galleries National Science & Media Museum

​Location: Bradford
Services: Project Management
Value: Undisclosed
Due for Completion: July 2022

Sound and Vision brings together the internationally-significant collections of photography, film and television in a unified story, demonstrating how they have transformed our understanding of and relationship with the world. The new galleries will sit at the heart of the museum, both in terms of location and spirit – connecting the collections to every aspect of visitors’ experience.

The Sound and Vision galleries are the next critical step in the Museum’s strategy to reconnect with its city and be a driving force in the regeneration of Bradford.

Fraser Randall were appointed as Interim Project Manager in September 2017 and have been re-appointed in May 2018 as Project Manager to take the project through to completion. We are leading a multidisciplinary team from across Yorkshire and are pleased to be working with Kossman Dejong as Lead Designer.


Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths tricked the world with their fairy photographs taken in Cottingley, Bradford

One of the earliest immersive technologies – stereographic photography from the 1800s

Images courtesy of National Science and Media Museum