Fraser Randall

Buckfast Abbey: The Monastic Way Buckfast Abbey

​Location: Devon
Services: Construction, Cost & Design Project Management
Value: Undisclosed
Completion: 2018

As part of Buckfast Abbey’s ‘Millennium Year’ celebrations a new visitor experience has been introduced at Buckfast Abbey. The Monastic Way has been designed as a linear journey to allow Buckfast’s many visitors to learn, understand and appreciate the history and the way of life of the Benedictine church, its Monks & Nuns.

The story is told through seven sections; Solitude, Calling, Faith, Monastery, Guide, Life & Journey; using multi-screen digital films, touchscreens, a 3D model replica of the Abbey and an array of captivating animations. Whilst many sections of the space are for a large audience; Journey and its immersive film depicting the eventful history of the Abbey and Life’s question and answer with current Monks through a talking head interactive, there is also the running theme of reflection and peace; with Guides prayer interactive allowing the visitor to type a prayer in a private space, and seated areas such as Solitude that allow visitors to look across the Abbey grounds and reflect.

Fraser Randall were appointed to undertake the Construction, Cost & Design Project Management services for this visitor experience which officially opened in April 2018.