Fraser Randall

The Dinosaur Gallery Natural History Museum

Location: London
Services: Project, Design, Content & Cost Management
Value: £2.5 Million
Completion: 1992

The 1,200 square metre ‘Dinosaur Gallery’ was the second major re-development of the key front galleries of the Natural History Museum. It has been credited as the world’s most popular dinosaur exhibition and continues to be the most visited exhibition within the UK.

The ‘Dinosaur gallery’ uses animatronics, skeletons, hanging fossils and reproductions to give visitors the chance to explore 160 million years of the dinosaur and opportunities to discover how they evolved, find out about what they looked like and what they ate.

Over a two year period, Nick Fraser led the architectural, design, content, cost and project management team charged with its delivery in tandem with the museum’s palaeontology, visitor services and educational departments. Meticulous planning and integrated structural design enabled Ron Herron’s architectural walkway to achieve non vibration transmission capability, enabling real fossil skeletons to be hung from it, something quite unique and still not repeated elsewhere in the world.