Fraser Randall

John Murray Archive National Library of Scotland

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Services: Construction Management
Value: £853,000
Completion: 2007

This permanent exhibition of John Murray’s Archive located in the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, is thought to be one of the world’s most significant literary and cultural archives from the past 250 years. It contains more that 150,000 items such as letters, manuscripts and journals from some of the greatest writers, politicians and scientists from 1768 to 1920.

The ‘John Murray Archive’ uses state of the art lighting and AV interfaces to bring to life the work and lives of a selection of the publisher’s most influential figures; it also provides the visitors with the opportunity to see if they have the necessary attributes to publish their own international bestseller.

The exhibition has the provision to rotate the collection to ensure rigorous conservation standards are maintained in turn enabling more of the collection to be publically displayed.

Fraser Randall were appointed to act as the construction manager.