Fraser Randall

European Community Central Pavilion

Location: Seville, Spain
Services: Design, Content & Project Management
Value: Undisclosed
Completion: 1992

The theme for the Seville World Expo was “The Age of Discovery”, and it celebrated great moments of European endeavour in technology. The EC Pavilion focused on the unification and diversity of its European members and was commissioned by DG XV of the Union. The pavilion was centre piece of the Expo which covered 215 hectares of regenerated land, and registered visitor numbers of 41,814,571.

Nick Fraser led the multi-disciplinary design, content and delivery team of the Pavilion. The exhibition used a range of setworks, graphics, lighting and AV that culminated in an extensive light show which used the full height of the tower and told the story of each individual member partner’s historic contributions to scientific and learning discovery.