Fraser Randall

Churchill Museum Imperial War Museum

Location: London
Services: Construction Manager & Planning Supervisor
Value: £3.25 Million
Completion: 2005

The Churchill Museum at the Grade 1 Listed Cabinet War Rooms is the first museum in the UK to be dedicated to the life and achievements of a politician outside the setting of a private house. To tell Churchill’s story and engage visitors, the designers created an environment and experience using bespoke joinery, specialist finishes and sophisticated audio-visual technology.

Churchill’s 90 year life is divided into five ‘chapters’, arranged chronologically around the 850 square metre space starting unusually with Winston Churchill as ““War Leader” from 1940 - 1945. The centrepiece of the exhibition is an 18 metre long interactive table which enables visitors to access digitised material from the Churchill Archives Centre; this includes documents, films, photographs and audio from Churchill’s lifetime.

Fraser Randall were appointed as the construction manager and planning supervisor by the Imperial War Museum to oversee the planning and construction of this prestigious new museum build project. The onsite install period was extremely condensed; this meant that site construction and assembly processes needed to be thoroughly considered during the pre-construction phase of the project to contend with limited access, ongoing operations of the adjacent museum, and the difficult working environment.